A Match Made in Heaven

Well friends, as of last week, our cafe has been reopened for a whole month! So much has happened since we closed our cafe doors on March 13, it almost feels like too much for one update, but here we go!

First, remember when Sparrows Coffee teamed up with Schuil Coffee back in 2018? To this day, this relationship has only strengthened our brand and our values. Schuil Coffee and Sparrows Coffee are one happy family, supporting and promoting one another, and we have to admit that it feels comforting to be good to each other these days. In a time where simply being good to another person often puts one or both of you at risk of spreading COVID, we are happy to jump on any chance to show kindness to others. Schuil Coffee is a family owned business that takes care of their employees as if they are family, just like Sparrows always has, and we are proud to be partnered with them.

Because of our relationship with Schuil, our coffee is now available on Trade Coffee’s website, shipping Sparrows Coffee nationwide. With our roastery being located within Schuil’s roastery, we now have the space and team to fulfill the orders and get them shipped out as quickly as possible. We love the idea that people all over our country are drinking the coffee that we are so proud of roasting here in Grand Rapids!

Last, but not least, we are so proud of 13 year old Frankie Volkema, our coffee prodigy and the youngest q grader in the world! Frankie founded Joven Coffee, a new Sparrows Coffee product that brings to light the shortage of young coffee farmers in the industry. Frankie’s hope is that more coffee companies will make a point of buying from young farmers, making it more of an appealing profession for young folks in coffee growing countries to pursue.

Keep your eyes open for some big news coming up! Thanks to all of our customers and friends - new and old - for all of your continued support and love. We love seeing pics of you drinking our coffee out and about, and even just at home. Keep ‘em coming and we’ll repost! Tag them #sparrowsgood while you’re at it!