Made With Love at Sparrows

House made chai at our Wealthy Street cafe.

As is often the case, some of our baristas are enthusiasts of beverages of all types, and definitely bring their mixology enthusiasm to work with them at Sparrows. So, a few years ago when we were actively seeking ways to upgrade our ingredients, developing our own syrups and chai seemed like a logical place to start. On most days, our customers open the door to our cafe and are immediately surrounded by the aroma of lavender, vanilla, caramel, single source chocolate, cardamom, or sometimes peppermint. Our syrups are made by creating a simple syrup with organic sugar and water, and then steeping our ingredients in the mixture. We also make sure to make almost every syrup vegan, with the exception of our caramel, which features butter from our local dairy, Mooville Farms. 

However, probably the best time to come into our Wealthy Street cafe is when we’re brewing our house made chai. We use all organic and vegan ingredients in our chai, and add fresh ginger to give it a little kick. We are very passionate about offering our customers the best possible product, and will continue to find any way we can to make our drinks up to our highest standards!